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If the death toll is confirmed, the crash would be the third-deadliest in aviation history.

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Wreckage dropping from the sky gouged big craters and left body parts, baggage and clothes strewn across six miles of wheat and mustard fields near the town of Charkhi Dadn, about 60 miles west of New Delhi. The first people to arrive at the scene said the dusk air was filled with the unbearable stench of burning flesh.

The faces of the rest of the victims were horribly disfigured and charred, he said. Rescue vehicles tried to navigate the area's poor ro, arriving at the crash site after the first curious villagers.

Within a few hours, thousands of people gathered in the dark and solemnly watched the search. There were no reports that anyone on the ground died Hours after the crash, the crumpled fuselage of the AP photo Grieving relatives of passengers believed killed in a mid-air collision near New Delhi gather Tuesday at the New Delhi airport.

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More than people were believed killed in the accident when a Saudi airliner collided with a Kazak airliner, exploding in flames and sending fiery wreckage plunging into fields. Kazak plane rested in a field. The jet's wings had been sliced off in the crash A few charred bodies lay on the ground.

Local district administrator T. Prasad said workers were trying to extricate bodies from the plane. Embassy in New Delhi witnessed the crash's fiery aftermath from The total of passengers and crew members was reported by the local news agency, which quoted civil aviation authorities, and was confirmed for The Associated Press by an airport police official The U.

Embassy could not confirm that two Americans were on board; the British Foreign office said one of its citizens was believed killed. The Indian government announced a judicial inquiry, into the cause of the accident. The weather in New Delhi was normal for this time of year.

The skies were clear, albeit polluted. At about p. There was no report of dam: to the famous Nazca lanes, tourists and scholars from '' minute and was felt in Lima -where high-tension cables fell across a busy avenue -- and as far away as Tacna, miles southeast of Hie capital Five people were killed in the mining town of Acari, southeast of Nazca, and four people died and were injured in the small town of Palpa, northwest of Nazca, Monies said.

Two others died and were hart' in Chincha, farther to the north. Among the dead were two boys, ages 4 and 9, who died after a roof collapsed on top of them in Nazca, said Dr. Fenain Caceres, director of the Nazca Hospital.

Caceres said most of the injured were children and el people hurt when walls and: collapsed on them. The charges were announced five days after a sex scandal broke at the military's Aberdeen Proving Ground in Maryland. The three male soldiers at Fort Leonard Wood face charges ranging from consensual intercourse to indecent assault, or touching.

The gettysburg times from gettysburg, pennsylvania ยท 18

The Army did not say when the charges were filed. One court-martial was to begin Tuesday; the others will be conducted within the month, it said A Pentagon spokesman said there was no connection between the Fort Leonard and Aberdeen cases.

The Fort Leonard cases came to light before the Army set up a hot line for reports of sexual misconduct, said Lt. William Harkey. The Army did not identify the Missouri soldiers except to say that all are non-commissioned officers and that one or two are drill sergeants. Other allegations of misconduct at Fort Wood were also under investigation. At the Army Ordnance Center at the Aberdeen Proving Ground, the Army last week charged four drill instructors and a captain with raping, sexually harassing or otherwise having improper relationships with at least a dozen young women recruits in their first weeks of training at Aberdeen.

The men were suspended along with 15 other instructors. None of the women said they felt sexual pressure or harassment. Sheila Stanton, 20, of Frostproof, Fla. Eric Beckham said the accusa-3 tions had tarnished others ,1 "Our drill sergeant has a black mark on because of what some people did or they did not do," said Beckham, 21, of Abilene, Texas.

Only Fort Jackson, S. The post's main mission has been to train offi- cers, non-commissioned officers and enlisted sol- diers in engineering skills. I Women make up 25 percent to 30 percent class of trainees. More than 2, calls' had poured in by Monday afternoon. Perhaps you see that you're collecting pictures of rattan furniture or decor featuring leather sofas and club chairs After.

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Perhaps this means making a favorite collection a de focus m the kitchen, or bringing those beautiful flowers from your garden indoors all year long Focus on those things that nourish the soul and senses Once you find your style, you'll and Balfu. Our displays will give you one great idea after another.

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