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Happiness, lifestyles, and the value of protection in the words of a professional mountain bike rider.

Looking For A Downhill Sweden Bike Friend

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Here you live beautifully, eat well and enjoy the proximity to nature and all the adventures it brings. There are both downhill bikes and XC bikes for rent.

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Words and Photos : Matt Rousu. Instead they will be flying to the other side of the planet to Sweden to take their mountain biking careers to the next level.

I caught up with the Zwar bothers to find out how this is going to be possible. You are leaving the motherland and heading over to your other motherland Sweden. How do you guys have this relationship with Sweden?

See, stay, eat and ride in sweden

Matt : Now I hear that you are both heading over there to race for the Swedish Federation, how did this come about? Oliver : In the middle of the season we had a meeting with one of the Swedish Federation trainers Mum actually met him at the Cairns World Champs in and we have been in touch with him ever since.

We basically told him that we were planning on moving to Sweden but still race as Australians. During this long meeting he told us all the opportunities and benefits of training with the Swedish Federation and representing Sweden. Then we finally got the call that we were both selected to race for Australia.

Ever since we got into the sport, our dream was to race for Australia, to race in the green and gold at world champs for Australia. Once we got selected, we were so stoked and then we thought about whats next?

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You get a shirt, some shorts, a jersey and access to the team mechanic and that was really it. Entry fee was also covered. Ben : We had to find somewhere to stay, and as selections were so late there was nothing near MSA so we had to stay in Quebec City which is about an hour drive away. That daily travel each way was a bit hard.

On race day there was no one there helping out besides Oliver and I. It was pretty much just us in the tent.

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Oliver : The thing that made racing for Australia hardest was that we had just put everything into the world cup races before hand, we had spent thousands of dollars racing in Europe and there was nothing at all support wise from MTBA. Ben : It basically made our decision easy to move over to Sweden in and race for the Swedish Federation. Being that most of the races of the world cup are in Europe it makes sense for us to move over there.

We are already feeling like we are part of something bigger.

Oliver : It is definitely the best thing we can do to get our racing to the next level. All the little things such as race insurance in Aus is ridiculous amount, it costs more than the total amount of flights we paid for last year, where as in Sweden it is all covered for.

It is a community funded sports academy in a small town similar to Bright that trains cross country skiers, ski jumpers, xco mountain bikers including Jenny Rissveds enduro riders Zakarias Johansen, who was 10th overall in the EWS. Even Emil Johansson, the slope-style rider, has had jumps built for him in the middle of town. I also hear you have started up a UCI team.

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Tell me about how that came to be? We started building slowly, over the last few years, the unofficial Zwar Brothers racing.

It started out as just Ben and I, then about 4 or 5 years ago I reached out to Lusty and have slowing been building it up since. We had a pretty good season last year and I might have done enough to get on a factory team. It might have been a one year deal, one bike, and a season paid for.

But it also might not have been a good bike, or good gear. Ben would have been on his own too, so we put our he together to see what we could come up with for the future. Our old trainer Todd Schumlick from Intense gave me some advice and told me who and how to approach and gave me a few s to contact.

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We were actually trying to go direct through Santa Cruz, they were very keen but they also had two super fast NZ juniors they were considering Tuhoto-Ariki Pene and Finn Hawkesby-Browne so it all kind of fell into place to have four riders. Cam Cole came on board and is co-managing it with me as well. It has kind of all come together very nicely as a very solid team.

It is super exciting.

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Something to build on for the future. Oliver : As we will be living in Sweden, we will have a Team van, and we can slowly evolve as we get to know more people. Ben and I have been privateers for a while, so we are pretty mechanically minded. All the parts and direct sponsorships we have picked are super solid stuff so there is not too much that is high maintenance on them. It has been a lot of hard work, but very worthwhile work.

Oliver : We are leaving on the 18th of February. I really want to do a full winter over there, as we have our entire other side of our family over there; so it will be great to be a part of that as we have only ever seen them for short visits. It will be cool to actually be around our grandparents and get to know them more. We will come back in November for a month or so and see friends, and then we are talking about heading back to Sweden for Christmas.

It is just such a great place to live, so forward thinking with so many great rules and regulations concerning the environment. So nice to be a part of. Very looking forward to it. Matt : Oh well, it looks like we are losing two of the fastest dudes in the country Laughter. Ben : It took us a long time to make this decision.

It is just the best chance for us to improve, to move forward and have the best shot we can at racing with with opportunities we have there with training, coaches and facilities we have access to. Ben : Thanks mate and thanks to everyone.

We are super thankful to all of those boys for doing all the work. : lustyhyperformanceracing.

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