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Thai sex massages in edison nj.

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I was thinking of going back this summer, when a friend told me that Island Spa in Edison just opened up this summer, in July. In the name of research, I went there instead. They also have small lockers in the lobby area for your shoes using your key. The staff was super nice.

No complaints! They took me out to see the rest of the facilities as well. It was hideous.

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The woman showing me around suggested I start at the lowest temperature and move to the higher ones. Each island has its own explanation as to the healing properties within. For example, the air in the clay island felt heavier and smelled different than the forest island, even though they were nearly the same temperature. The forest one did smell good, as did Treasure Island, which has slabs of polished geodes glued on the wall. More importantly, the room smelled like menthol, which was surprisingly pleasant.

They have several places you can rest in between, and even a sleeping section mats on the floorthat part separated by gender. The main area is unisex, though. They also had two television rooms with different kinds of chairs.

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The shows were in Korean. It was not nude at all when I went on a Tuesday, and only once did I share space in one of the islands with someone else. I thought the place was kept very clean. There is one in the dining area, and one in the locker room. I suggest you bring you own water bottle and either Edison it outside the island, or keep it in your locker and go back frequently to fill up.

They should add more water dispensers in the main area. You can bring kids here with you, as long as they are over If betweenthey must be accompanied by a guardian of the same gender presumably for the locker room and wet massages, which are single sex. I did see a mother and her two daughters there — and one daughter was definitely younger than 12, probably 8.

Your kids will have to be comfortable with being nude in the locker room and wet area. The spa has a of different services. They had some rudimentary benches in the single sex dry sauna, not built in. They offer various skin care services, and massages — either in a private room or in the public but gender segregated wet room. To prepare for the scrub, they recommend you spend 15 minutes in a hot tub and steam room to get your body ready. The wet room was really nice.

They have four different pools max depth 2 feet, 8 inches. One is cold, and has a big shower head raining down water in the pool. One is mild, one is medium hot, and the last is hot with an herbal smell. The last three have their own waterfalls in them and bubbling in the middle.

The scrub is a different kind of experience, with a woman dressed in a bra and granny panties rubbing you down with mitts on each hand. The service lasts 40 minutes mine was 50and they scrub you down until you have peeling layers of grey skin on the table and then you turn on your side, and then over and it gets all over you. They really do scrub ever centimeter of you, including areas no human has ever touched. And as for my mosquito bites actual mosquito bites, not a euphemism for my chest?

The scrubbing felt awesome.

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At the end she lathered me up with body wash and had me flip to the other side of the table. I almost slid off. She then washed my hair and conditioned it, and sent me on my way. Next time I might add the massage portion to the end of the scrub. The wet room has several shower areas, and a seated bathing area. You can borrow a pink long scrubbing tower you have to pay for those at King Spa. They have soap, shampoo and conditioner, as well as toothbrushes to use as well.

The locker facilities had hair dryers, lotion, combs, brushes, hair spray, Q-tips etc. Also they have nice size body towels and hand towels as well. They served it with a bowl of rice more carbs! They had more than a dozen items to choose from — most had meat or shellfish. A few were vegetarian. And they had French fries, the only western item on the menu. I will be back. Thank you so much for this review.

I am looking for a place to go with a friend and my daughter and I came up with this. I appreciate it. The photos were an additional bonus.

I have an upcoming anniversary and hubby and I need a place to relax. Paul — no nudity in or around the saunas. DO NOT get a massage here.

I had one of the worst massages here in my life. The masseuse did not ask if I had any injuries or if there was something in particular that was bothering me. She began, with my shorts on rules of the spanude me with towels and then began putting pressure on my back and arms… over and over and over again. I asked if this was going to be the whole massage because if it was I was going to get up.

So then she pulled the towels off and started what I guess you can call a massage. Feather light strokes on my back and arms. And then at points rubbed me with a towel. Felt like someone putting sunscreen on me. Half the massage, I was covered in towels and pressure was put on different parts of my massage. Sure thats great and all. Normally I like that, but it felt never ending. I barely got an actually shoulder or neck massage, you know, the one place on the body where stress accumulates Edison massages people.

The massage beds had barely had face pillow it was towels and no bolster pillows for your legs. My knees started to hurt from laying face nude so I planted my toes down, heels up until she grabbed something to support them. Not a bolster, more towels. At no point during the massage was I relaxed or felt any kind of therapeutic release. I laid Edison the whole time thinking what is this woman doing and is she done yet. I feel like the whole massage place is a factory line, the customers are just parts and the masseuse a factory worker.

It was a rote factory worker, doing their line work, awaiting the next body that comes 5 minutes later.

The icing on the cake was, no one asked me how the massage had gone. The girl at the front massage desk was clueless and apathetic.

Upon checking out, I asked the front desk whom I could speak to about my massage and she said her. So I told her my story, and she politely nodded her head and smirked. Shelby, that is quite a story — thank you for sharing!