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File a Consumer Complaint. Attorney General Ken Paxton announced that the Child Exploitation Unit and Human Trafficking Unit of his office, in a partnership with Copperas Cove Police Department, arrested five men for Online Solicitation of a Minor and one man for Prostitution during a three-day operation to locate and arrest online predators. Attorney General Ken Paxton today announced that the Child Exploitation Unit of his office arrested year-old Camron Lee Wood, of Eagle Lake, Texas, on one count of possession of child pornography and one count of promotion of child pornography.

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Law enforcement agencies have learned that the most effective use of their investigative resources is to focus on the locations where the crimes are being committed. The Internet is the newest location where adults who are intent on exploiting children can easily find victims to prey upon. The anonymity that the Internet offers makes cybersex crimes appealing to some individuals who believe they are protected from detection. However, that same anonymity could put someone in the position of engaging in sexually suggestive s or texts with someone who could turn out to be an undercover police detective or FBI agent. Chat rooms have become a popular Internet location for the exchange of information, online gaming and social contact among other things.

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The Texas Court of Criminal Appeals recently overturned a provision of Texas law that criminalized electronic communications by an adult involving sexually explicit material with a minor. To be clear, the Court had no issue with the intent of the law — to prevent adults from seeking to have sex with minors using the Internet.

An overbroad law is one that is so broadly written that it deters protected free speech, even if the law also prevents activity that can rightfully be forbidden.

The First Amendment protects these works as free speech. The court found that other state laws prevent online solicitation or harassment of .

Proponents of First Amendment rights are celebrating the decision, which is similar to U. Supreme Court rulings on the issue. In this case, the law did not meet that standard. By no means are children in the state unprotected, however. Adults who engage or attempt to engage children in sexual activities face a of penalties, including extensive jail time.

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The transfer of pornography to minors and the possession or distribution of child pornography are still criminal activities that bring myriad and severe punishments. People who have been prosecuted for an Internet sex crime which they believe is protected speech under the First Amendment should contact an experienced Texas criminal defense attorney to discuss their legal rights and options. PresidentState Bar of Texas. Larry McDougal Sr. Over 37 Years of Collective Experience.

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