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She was last seen at school at approximately am this morning. Police and family are looking for Krislyn to check on her well-being. If anyone knows the whereabouts of Krislyn, please contact the Sarnia Police, On April 15,at approximately pm, a male suspect attended a residence in the block of Wellington Street. The accused knocked on the door and after asking several questions to the female victim he then forced his way in. The suspect then pinned the female against the refrigerator and also had what appeared to be a fire arm but was determined to be a pellet gun.

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After a brief struggle with the suspect and being able to disarm him, the accused was able to escape from the residence and ran out picking up the pellet gun as he fled. Officers from General Patrol and detectives from the Sarnia Police Service Criminal Investigation Branch began investigating the matter and were able to locate a bag with the pellet gun.

They were also able to determine that the suspect had returned to Wallaceburg where he was arrested by the Chatham Kent Police on behalf of the Sarnia Police Service and returned to Sarnia. The accused in this matter, Buddy Dinny Labor, 35 years of age, of Wallaceburg, faces one count of break and enter, two counts of assault, and one count of possessing an imitation firearm and using it to commit an offence. He remains in custody awaiting a bail hearing. Mike Kahnert at Ext. On Wednesday, April 17, at approximately p.

Upon arrival officers observed a 26 year old male victim, with critical injuries, lying on the ground outside. The 26 year old victim was transported to hospital and then later transported to London Health Sciences due to the serious nature of his injuries. A second male, 30 years of age, had also sustained injuries that were non-life threatening in nature but required medical attention. This 30 year old male was arrested at the scene and then transported to Bluewater Health.

Shortly after a. The 30 year old male, Matthew Gerard Theriault, of Sarnia, has been charged with second degree murder. The accused remains in custody awaiting a bail hearing. Currently a crime scene is still being held, and Maxwell Street is closed from St.

Vincent Street to Cotterbury Street and will remain so until later this afternoon to allow for the investigation to continue.

If anyone has any information that may assist in this investigation they are asked to contact Detective Sgt. As part of an Ontario investigation officers from the Sarnia Police Service Vice Unit had reasonable grounds to believe that a 25 year old female, from Sarnia, was trafficking purple fentanyl powder out of her residence which is located in the block of College Avenue North. At approximately pm officers had set up surveillance on the residence and were able to arrest the suspect in her driveway, as she had just returned to her home.

She was taken into custody and transported to the station where she was searched and a quantity of methamphetamine and purple powder fentanyl was located on her person. The accused, Cheyenne Jackson, 25 years of age, faces two counts of possession of a controlled substance for the purpose of trafficking drugs fentanyl and crystal methamphetamine.

The suspect was held in custody to await a bail hearing. The offices will re-open on Tuesday, April 23, at am. Over the buddy of the weekend the Sarnia Police Service responded to calls for service.

Calls included the following:. Road officers conducted approximately 32 routine traffic stops for various driving related concerns. Officers issued 28 Provincial Offence Notices tickets over the weekend for various infractions. On April 21,at Ontario am, an officer from the Sarnia Police COPPS unit, while on Patrol, observed a large pick-up truck in the area of Colborne Road and Capel Street nearly rear-end a vehicle that was stopped at a stop.

The officer continued to follow the vehicle in question observing that it was travelling well below the posted speed limit and that it was swerving within its lane of travel as it was heading northbound. The officer then began to initiate a traffic stop by activating the cruiser emergency lights and observed that the vehicle next began to speed up, then headed into the southbound lanes of Colborne Road, hopped the curb, and came to rest on the front of an address in the buddy of Colborne Road.

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As the officer investigated the incident further grounds were formed to arrest the accused for impaired operation of a motor vehicle. The suspect was then transported back to the Sarnia Police Headquarters where testing was conducted by a certified breath technician. Upon completing the testing it was determined that the suspect was twice over the legal limit. The accused, Patrick Nolan, 39 years of age, of Petrolia, now faces one count of impaired operation of a motor vehicle and one count of blood alcohol concentration of 80mg plus.

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On April 22, shortly before am, officers were dispatched to a local drinking establishment in the area of Devine Street and Indian Road regarding a disturbance that had taken place. Upon police arrival, at approximately am, officers came across the parties accused of causing the disturbance just about to leave the parking lot in a vehicle.

Officers were able to stop the vehicle without incident and dealt with the driver and passenger. As the investigation continued and grounds were formed it was determined that the driver was believed to be impaired by buddy. Thus, the accused driver was arrested for impaired operation of a motor vehicle and transported to the station to be tested on the Intoxilyzer C. Upon completion of the testing it was determined that the suspect was over ontario times the legal limit of alcohol. The accused, Aimee Catherine Tasker, 27 years of age, of Sarnia, now faces one count of impaired operation of a motor vehicle and one count of blood alcohol concentration of 80 mg plus.

The award was to recognize the members of the Sarnia Police Association for their continuing support and dedication to the Sarnia-Lambton Chapter of the Kidney Foundation of Canada. The Sarnia Police Service would like to thank the Kidney Association for their acknowledgement of our members who take part in this and many other community initiatives. Receiving the Ontario on behalf of the Sarnia Police Association is Sgt. On the evening of April 18,two buddies, both from out of province, were at a local drinking establishment located in block of Murphy Road.

At some point during their attendance a security person had cut them off from drinking at which point they became verbally upset but left the building without incident after being asked to. Later on that night, at approximately pm, several security personnel at the bar were at a side entrance. At this time the brothers approached the threshold of the doorway. The brothers attempted to enter but were prevented by one of the security personnel.

At this time a fight began with the two brothers attacking the door man by punching him a of times. From there other security personnel attempted to help at which point one of the brothers drew a knife that was on his person. The brother with the knife was wielding the knife and caused lacerations on one of security personnel. Another employee attempted to assist and was also struck but was able to knock the knife from the suspects hand and bring him under control. One of the security officers required medical attention for the knife wounds he received while the other two only received minor injuries and bruises.

Upon arrival officers were shown numerous planks that had been removed and large amounts of conduits containing copper wire have been cut from under the docks heading out to the marina. On April 19,at am, a member of the Sarnia Police Service COPPS Unit had set up surveillance in the area of the marina in an attempt to locate individuals that were breaking into the marina to continue the theft.

At approximately am, the officer observed a vehicle in the area and shortly thereafter observed four individuals approach on foot with various tools to be used to cut and retrieve the copper wiring. As the criminals commenced setting up to break into the marina the officer was able to have road for attend the area to set up to arrest the suspects. Once the officers were in place they were able to surround the suspects and arrest all four individuals looking incident.

Two were found to be in possession of controlled substances drugs. Unfortunately, it is believed that other individuals broke into the marina again, over the Easter weekend, to continue stripping copper wiring from the docks causing even further damage. An Sarnia of the damage so far indicates that several hundred thousand dollars will be needed to repair the damage done.

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If anyone has any information regarding this matter they are please asked to contact Detective Jason Hoover atextensionOntario Sarnia Lambton Crime Stoppers at The objective of the meeting is to identify best practices, challenges and lessons learned. Sarnia Police dispatchers were commended for proactively taking steps to collect information and alerting emergency responders, particularly in the challenging first minutes of the incident.

The emergency responders were recognized for their quick and efficient response that prevented the situation from escalating. There were no injuries as a result of this event; however, one area of opportunity that arose during the CVECO review included consideration to call an ambulance for stand-by at the onset of a Code 6. The PCG is assembled when a Code 6 is issued. Effective emergency preparedness and response in situations like this can only be accomplished through mutual respect and collaborative efforts.

CVECO partners will continue to work together to ensure continuous learning opportunities are identified so that we can contribute to the overall common goal of community safety. For any information pertaining to this release you are asked to contact the General Manager of CAER, Vince Gagner, at or vgagner iecpartnership. In the Ontario moorning hours of April 19,officers arrested four individuals involved in the theft of copper wiring from the Sarnia Bay Marina. It appears that this winch was used to pull the wire from the dock. The Sarnia Police Service would like to speak to anyone who may have knowledge of who created this system, who owns this item, or any other information regarding it.

If you do have any buddy you are please asked to buddy Constable Shawn Urban atextensionor Sarnia Lambton Crime Stoppers at Pictured below is the in question that is posted more than once.