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What are the benefits of Novalis Medical’s Advanced Hair Removal?

  • Removes unwanted hair safety and effectively.
  • Effective on black, brown, and light brown hair.
  • Removes facial and chin hair.
  • Works on bikini lines and underarms.
  • Remove hair almost anywhere on your body.


What is Advanced Hair Removal?

Advanced Hair Removal from Novalis Medical is a gentle pulsed light treatment that can be performed on the face, chest, arms, legs…just about anywhere. And without down time!

Advanced Hair Removal is non-invasive and fast. Nothing penetrates the skin, and multiple hairs are treated with each pulse. The pulsed light targets the melanin in the hair follicle causing thermal damage to the hair growth cells without harming normal skin.

Each treatment reduces the number and size of hair follicles in the area until you reach the desired end result.


Who can be treated ?

The Advanced Hair Removal procedure from Novalis Medical can be performed on most skin types, if you have very dark or tonned skin, however, you should consult your physician to see if this procedure is right for you.


What can I expect during the treatment?

Prior to the treatment, your doctor may recommend a mild topical anesthetic on the area to be treated. Although this isn’t necessary, some patients prefer to have this topical anesthetic before treatment.

Prior to the Advanced Hair Removal procedure, the hair in the treatment area is trimmed down to the skin and a thin layer of a Plume Barrier Lotion is applied to prevent any hair from sticking to the tight output window of the treatment hand piece. When the light flashes, it feels like a warm pulse against the skin.


Is the procedure painful?

Most patients will feel minimal discomfort during the Procedure. A topical anesthetic can make the treatment more comfortable if desired. Since hair follicles are a few millimeters underneath the skin, topical anesthesia that numbs the skin is only moderately helpful.


What can I expect after the treatment?

The treated area will feel like very mild sunburn and may be slightly pink for a few hours. Hair follicles in the skin will be red and slightly swollen. Many patients have the treatment performed at lunchtime and are able to return to work that afternoon.

Hair that is damaged by the treatment is still in the hair shaft and will gradually shed within the next two weeks. Your physician will recommend a daily sun block and skin care regimen before you leave the office.


How long does the procedure take?

Advanced Hair Removal usually takes about 10 minutes for underarm treatment and 45 minutes for both legs. Treatment time is dependent on the size of the treatment area. Depending on your skin type and area to be treated, 2 to 10 treatments may be necessary.

Advanced Hair Removal technology removes what you don’t like about your skin.

Remove unwanted hair from almost anywhere on your body.

Alter shaving, plucking and waxing for years, my Upper lip is finally hair free! – Rebecca

Hair Removal pevlormed with Novalis Medical’s innovative technology is quick, effective and involves minimal discomfort.